Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 1 - in class

Merkel's New Year's Address to the Nation: Merkel (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Discuss: Languages in speech related to citizenship, immigration, national policy, national identity formation, nation vs. state, globalization, etc. 

Discuss: Understand how Merkel’s message to refugees and asylum seekers, i.e. “Welcome culture” speech in 2016, has been contested and changed to include a message of “integration”.

Week 1 Assignments, Spring Seminar, Due Monday April 3

1.  Write a 150 (approx) word bio that introduces yourself to our community partners include:
Your name, major, career interests, and your personal causes/interests, especially pertaining to working within international and local communities.

Sample (approx 150 words):
My name is Julie Villegas and I am the Associate Director of the University of Washington Honors Program with an affiliate assistant professor appointment in the Department of English.  I did my graduate studies at UC Santa Barbara and at the University of Washington where I earned a PhD in English. As part of my role as associate director, I develop and teach programs abroad, teach the Honors senior capstone seminar, create the annual curriculum in the Honors Program and work with partners across campus and in the local and global communities in the areas of international education, diversity initiatives, and community engagement. My research is grounded in critical mixed race studies and border studies. My research, The Racial Shadow in American Literature, addresses mixed race identity politics and cultural studies related to immigration trends in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

2. Personal Identity Reflection
For this blog post, you'll submit a 300-500 word (3-4 paragraph) reflection on the lens activity that we completed in class on March 27th.
Share a bit about who you are and the elements that make up your personal lens. Tell us how you think your own personal lens might impact the perceptions you have of migrants/refugees living in Berlin. How might visible aspects of your identity influence how others perceive you?

3. Read: Chapter 1 - "Age of Migration". You will find the reading on the course blog.  Post at least three key points you took away from the chapter and any discussion questions you would like to bring to class. 
4. Create blog and send us the link so we can post to the course blog.