Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 30th: Daily Diary

Today we began our journey to Hamburg, a port city two hours away from Berlin by train. We were all very excited to see another part of the country and compare Berlin with another city. The train ride was very nice and we were able to see the countryside. We arrived in Hamburg early but the rain forced the group to cancel our scheduled the tour and reschedule for tomorrow. After getting our new metro passes we were able to get to the hostel after navigating through the central train station. The hostel was located right on the U-Bahn station and the bunk beds were an awesome change and I was excited to get the top bunk.

After settling in we visited the Kunsthalle, a very famous museum in the center of Hamburg. They had a very interesting exhibit called “Open Access” that reminded me of my community partner, the Youth Museum of Schoenburg. Twelve people with a migration background from Hamburg share their views on topics and of the artwork that is on display. The art meant different things for different people and it showed just how diverse the city and its citizens were. I found it very interesting as the Youth Museum and “Open Access” are redefining how museums can contribute to the society at large as well as serve the community. Giving visitors a up close and personal look at the lives of some of Hamburg's residents creates dialogue and presents them in a way that others can connect to. The museum also had many other exhibits which included contemporary art, something the group had mixed feelings on. The amount of artwork the museum had was astonishing and we stayed up until they closed down at six.

After the Kunsthalle many of us ate dinner and wandered around the area, completing the assignment given to us at the beginning of the trip. Although it rained throughout the day, we were able to explore the area around the hostel and find some very good food.


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